David Luke Launches the First Fully Recyclable School Blazer in Collaboration with the Circular Textiles Foundation

David Luke School Uniform has announced a pioneering new partnership with the Circular Textiles Foundation. Known for their ground-breaking approach to adopting sustainable practices in manufacturing and across the business, David Luke will be the first school uniform brand to join the Circular Textiles Foundation’s revolution with the aim of making its products 100% recyclable to ensure they never need to go to landfill or incineration.

The most significant movement in textiles since the industrial revolution

The Circular Textiles Foundation is the first of its kind; the ground-breaking initiative provides an independent circularity standard for genuine accountability, transparency, and peace of mind. In making circularity accessible to all, the foundation turns the concept into a reality. As they celebrate the forty-year anniversary of being in business, the team at David Luke find themselves going full circle as their blazers become the focal point for innovative sustainability practices once again. Over a decade ago, David Luke blazers became the first in the industry to be manufactured using recycled polyester from post-consumer plastic bottles, placing the brand at the forefront of the schoolwear industry.

Jennie Valorini, Head of Circular Design, the Circular Textiles Foundation comments; “David Luke have truly broken the mould by embracing new ways of working across their business to enable the swift and effective integration of circular design principles. We are delighted and proud to be assisting them in delivering the first recyclable school blazer, a standout piece, the first of its kind for schoolwear.”

Fibre to fibre textile recycling

The Circular Textiles Foundation certification mark will be carried on Eco Blazers and Jackets from January 2023 with a goal to encompass the entire eco-uniform range for future collections.  This mark guarantees that the garment has been designed to be recycled by a specific facility, which processes it into new fabric at end of use. The fabric can then be used to make new clothing, eliminating waste, reducing the need for virgin materials, and reducing CO2 emissions. David Luke customers can actively join in with the brand’s circular journey by scanning the QR code found on the garment’s tag  to find out how and where it can be recycled. The challenge in making this work is to ensure every element of the blazer or jacket is made from polyester.

Kathryn Shuttleworth, Managing Director at David Luke School Uniform comments; “Our vision for the next decade is that we use recycled fibres made from clothing not plastic bottles. We want to make our school uniform completely circular: made from recycled materials which mean it is 100% recyclable and it never needs to go to landfill. With immediate effect we will be designing our Eco Blazer and Jackets with this specific goal in mind, aiming for every item to be returned to thread or fibre, ready for its next incarnation and available to buy from January 2023.”