Environmental Policy

Our dedication to sustainable practices reaches beyond just manufacturing

At the Parently Group, our mission is to create family-centric brands that strive towards a healthy future. The brands within the Parently Group family provide clothing and accessories for children throughout their development, at school and play. Our dedication to sustainable practices reaches beyond just manufacturing and is demonstrated by our Impact Strategy and our long-term commitment to improving the health of our planet and our people.

Through carrying out our operations and goals however, we understand that our organisation has an impact on the environment. We are committed to protecting the environment and minimising the impact of our significant activities through our Environmental Management System ISO14001. We aim to achieve compliance, as a minimum, with all applicable legislation within our sector, country, and all the territories in which we have an impact. We constantly strive to continually improve our environmental performance through developing new strategies within our Environmental Management System .

Our commitments:

  • Use recycled materials in our products where possible.
  • New products will only be introduced if recycled materials can be used.
  • Implement a packaging transformation programme to protect products with the most sustainable options.
  • Understand and minimise the impact of direct and indirect activity related to the sourcing of fibre, fabric, manufacture, and shipping, through each tier.
  • Full transparency within our supply chain.
  • Find a solution to end-of-life garments.
  • Reduce business travel, utilising communications through digital channels.
  • Minimise waste through all our operations.
  • Implement a purchasing policy for services and materials procured.
  • Seek to find sustainable energy alternatives within UK operations, such as solar, water reduction.
  • Engage with the Parently Group team members and partners, about our environmental impact and responsible practices, encouraging joint endeavours to continually improve our performance.

This policy will be reviewed within management meetings and is managed by the Managing Director.

Kathryn Shuttleworth,

Managing Director


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